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Camp Philosophy:

The Sports Training Camp; will focus on developing sport specific skills, positions, rules, agility training specific to each individual sport, cardiovascular and conditioning training, & offensive and defensive skills, team play with an emphasis on fun and good sportsmanship values. Most importantly, every child will be involved in small group instruction and station training.


Location & Facilities:  St. Frances De Chantal & R.K.A. (MS 141): STS Sports Campers will use the Indoor & Outdoor Basketball Courts, Outdoor Multi-Purpose Field, high school sized classrooms for Chalk Talk and videos, and Cafeteria. Tours will be given at all Open Houses. The campers will also be going swimming at least 3 Days a week. The campers will be transported to the pool by private bus transportation.


Date & Time:  The sports camp will begin Monday July 9, 2018 and is open for regular hours from 8:00am – 4:00pm.   We also offered extended hours from 7:00am – 6:00pm for an extra $10.00 per hour.

East Bronx Sessions:

7 Week Camp:  July 8th  – August 23th

6 Week Camp:  July 8th – August 16th

1st Session (7/8 – 7/19):  Basketball or Soccer (Must Choose One)

2nd Session (7/22 – 8/2): Basketball or Football or Cheerleading (Must Choose One)

3rd Session (8/5 – 8/16):  Football or Soccer (Must Choose One)

4th Session (8/19 – 8/23):  Recreational Activities


Riverdale Sessions:

6 Week Camp:  July 8th – August 16th

1st Session (7/8 – 7/19):  Football or Cheerleading (Must Choose One)

2nd Session (7/22 – 8/2): Basketball or Soccer (Must Choose One)

3rd Session (8/5 – 8/16):  Basketball


Prices: TBA

7 Week Cost:   $1,500.00 (EAST BRONX SITE ONLY)

6 Week Cost:  $1,350.00

4 Week Cost:  $1,000.00

2 Week Cost:  $575.00

1 Week Cost:  $300.00 Only for East Bronx Dates (8/19 – 8/23)

Contact the office for multi-sport & sibling discount pricing at (347) 275-3116

Age Requirements:

We accept children ages 5 – 14 years old.

Division:  Players will be assigned to groups based on age. All of our age brackets are coed. All groups will have both a Head Coach and Junior Coach’s:
All of our staff dedicated to the sports field. Our director is a P.E. Teacher as well as a high school football, basketball, and lacrosse coach. All of our head coach’s are High Level Coaches or College athletes. Our Jr. Counselors are all high quality athletes. All directors are certified in CPR, RTE First Aid, and WSI (Water Safety Instructor)

Refund Policy:
There are no refunds after June 8, 2019 under any circumstances!


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